How to Apply

KenSAP helps gifted, needy Kenyan students gain admission to the most selective universities in North America. KenSAP does not award university scholarships. Rather, once KenSAP students are admitted to the American universities, it is the universities themselves that offer the scholarships, which are based on the admitted students’ financial need.

Each year KenSAP selects about fifteen students to join the program from hundreds of aspiring applicants. Once admitted to KenSAP, the students are given preparation for the American SAT examinations and guided through the elaborate university application process. This preparation takes place at KenSAP’s base, where the students and their instructors live together for about 15 weeks between June and November. The students pay nothing. All costs, including examination fees, are met by KenSAP.

Admission to the universities to which KenSAP students apply is extremely competitive. The best students from all over North America, and indeed all over the world, aspire to join these universities. For that reason, KenSAP is extremely selective in choosing the students to join the program. Only the students with the best chance of gaining university admission are taken into the program.

With this in mind, each year KenSAP stipulates a minimum score on the previous year’s KCSE exam as a requirement for all students who apply to join the program. The minimum KCSE score is just the first hurdle in a long application process, which is explained to qualifying applicants as they proceed through the process. All that is needed to begin the process is a scanned copy of a student’s KCSE results slip emailed to KenSAP.

Requirements for 2018 are as follows:

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KenSAP will consider queries from prospective applicants who have
achieved a score of 77 or better with a B or better in English on the
2017 KCSE. If a student has achieved such a result, he/she can
initiate an application to KenSAP by sending an email from his/her own
email account to
with a scanned copy of the KCSE results slip attached.

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Prospective applicants should keep in mind that applying to KenSAP is a long process involving a detailed application form and, for short-listed applicants, a diagnostic test and an interview. The process begins when KCSE results are released and results slips become available, and it goes on until the final selection of KenSAP’s class is announced in June.

Please note: KenSAP has nothing to do with either post-graduate studies or transfer applications from students who have already begun university studies. KenSAP is strictly a program for NEW high school graduates seeking first-year admission for undergraduate study in North America.

Nor does KenSAP work with students seeking athletic scholarships. All KenSAP students apply for need-based financial aid, which is awarded only by the most academically competitive universities to students who meet their extremely high academic standards.