About KenSAP
What is KenSAP?

The Kenya Scholar-Athlete Project helps gifted, needy Kenyan students gain admission to the most selective universities in the United States and Canada. Each year, after an elaborate selection process, the program chooses a dozen high-achieving high school graduates, and in two extended residential training sessions it prepares them for the American SAT exams and introduces them to the American university system with its complex application procedure. Since its founding in 2004, KenSAP has helped place 179 students at highly competitive North American universities, all with full, need-based financial aid.

Kipyegon Kitur and Joan Simam at their at
their Harvard graduation in 2009

KenSAP’s initial aim was simply to extend access to world-class university education to a few students in parts of Kenya where such opportunities had scarcely existed. As the program’s students began to achieve success at their distinguished institutions, however, it became clear that KenSAP was helping to develop the future intellectual leadership not only of its students’ communities, but also of Kenya as a whole. Indeed, since KenSAP began to make its mark, at least three new programs have sprung up in Kenya doing much the same sort of work. KenSAP’s aim has therefore grown: its students are pledged to use their education for the benefit of Kenyans less fortunate than themselves and to contribute to Kenya’s development in ways commensurate with the quality of their education.

To date, of the 179 KenSAP students who have enrolled in North American universities, fully 141 either have graduated or are making timely progress toward their degrees. Many of the graduates are pursuing advanced degrees or gaining valuable experience working for American companies. Others have returned to jobs or studies in Kenya. (Please see “KenSAP Students.”) All maintain their commitment to advancing Kenya’s development.

We like to think that this extraordinary record results both from the quality of the students we select for the program and the support we give them over the years, and to continue finding great students and giving them the help they need, we ask for your support.