About KenSAP
The “Athlete” Component

For decades Kenya’s renowned abundance of running talent has produced a steady flow of gifted runners to American universities on athletic scholarships. Most students granted athletic scholarships have attended institutions of somewhat lesser academic distinction than those to which KenSAP students apply. However, even America’s most academically selective institutions recruit athletes – a fact of which KenSAP’s founders were well aware – and Kenya’s wealth of running talent led the founders to expect that at least a few KenSAP students, though chosen largely for their academic accomplishments, might also turn out to be runners who would interest coaches at academically selective colleges, and thereby strengthen the students’ chances of admission. For that reason, all KenSAP students participate in regular athletic training during the program’s residential sessions. So far, about 20% of the students in the program have had the support of college coaches during the admission process; several have become valuable contributors to their college teams, and one was a nine-time NCAA Division III national