About KenSAP
College Performance, Test Scores

KenSAP students have enjoyed extraordinary success at their highly competitive colleges: 173 of the 179 students who have enrolled either have graduated or are on track for timely graduation. This record is all the more remarkable in view of the students’ disadvantaged backgrounds. These backgrounds are reflected to some extent in the KenSAP students’ SAT scores. Among the 179 KenSAP students admitted to college, Critical Reading (now Reading/Writing) scores have ranged from 400 to 760, (middle 50%: 540–640). Corresponding figures for Math are 550–780 and 640–690. On the SAT Subject Tests (KenSAP students concentrate on quantitative subjects), the overall median for the successful candidates is 700. In spite of the deficiencies of their backgrounds, however, and the massive adjustment they have to make in their first several months at college, nearly all have done well at some of the most competitive institutions in the US.

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