About KenSAP
Stateside Support

Since the first group of KenSAP students entered college in 2005, KenSAP’s organizers have made themselves available to both students and college administrators as in loco parentis, first-responders in the event of difficulties large and small. The organizers have also hosted informal gatherings of the students at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and in KenSAP’s second year they began more formal gatherings of all the students each November and April. In August 2007, KenSAP held the first of what are now annual orientation sessions for incoming students, where experienced KenSAP upperclassmen and a few college professionals share their knowledge with the newcomers. These gatherings, together with the long residential preparation sessions in Kenya, have formed the basis of what is now an extensive, tight-knit and highly supportive KenSAP community.