About KenSAP
Return on Investment

Working on a shoestring budget, KenSAP has generated what amounts to nearly $35 million in educational aid for Kenya (figuring an average of about $60,000 in financial aid per student per year) since 2004. This represents a return on investment of nearly 3000%! Yet the return in terms the lives of the students, their families and their country is incalculable. Kenya has a highly dynamic economy that has suffered for generations from poor governance and a lack of capable, honest leadership. The country’s growing cohort of graduates from the world’s best universities – to which KenSAP is making a significant contribution – promises to bring strong, judicious leadership as it assumes power in the coming decades, and with such leadership, Kenya in turn promises not only to lift the majority of its own citizens out of crippling poverty, but also to lift the whole East African region, of which it is the economic engine.