About KenSAP
KenSAP Founders

John Manners, Suzanne Manners, the Hon. Linah Kilimo and Prof. Mike Boit at a ceremony honoring KenSAP in 2010.

Mike Boit and John Manners have known each other since Mike was a Kenyan high school student and John a Peace Corps teacher. Mike is now Professor of Sports Science at Nairobi’s Kenyatta University, having won an Olympic medal at 800 meters, earned three degrees in the US, and served as Kenya’s Commissioner of Sports for seven years. John is a journalist who spent 18 years as a writer and editor in various branches of Time Inc. and maintained his connection with Kenya by developing a sideline covering the exploits of its runners. They jointly conceived of KenSAP to try to extend opportunity to educationally neglected parts of Kenya.